We are an established Media production company with a focus on web design & development and provide end-to-end web solutions. We offer a full range of web development services from interface designing to database driven websites, e-commerce solutions and a whole lot more. We have the experience and all the design and programming skills necessary to make and maintain high quality web sites packages that are up-to-date and flexible enough to evolve with the expanding web and multimedia markets. We are proud of our exceptional client-partner success stories and relationships, which include numerous start-ups and small-to-medium size businesses, covering a diverse cross-section of industries. We’ve been in profit since inception and have had massive success through forming long-term client/agency relationships, which has meant that most of our sales have been through referral and/or repeat business.

Why AM Live Tech?

We offer professional web design that is attractive, accessible and search engine friendly.
We consult our client throughout the project to ensure that they are thoroughly satisfied with the preliminary design through to the final product.
By working closely with our clients every step of the way, we can assist in defining their vision by suggesting possibilities they may not have considered or even thought possible.
We want their website(s) to work for them – not just on the technical side, but also as an effective business and marketing tool.
We work hard and smart for our clients to make their online businesses better in all aspects.

Our Approach

All of our clients are special and unique.
Quality is the key, not quantity.
Complete grasp of a project before embarking on it.
Speed and efficiency with outstanding personal service.
Help our clients to achieve their business goals!

Technical Expertise

Our most valuable asset is our team of IT specialists, they are into visualization, application development, internet marketing. We recruits taking into consideration the global competence and the talent that helps understand global requirements. Majority of our employees are the best graduates of IT-industry profile specialties (Design Art, Computer Science, Software Engineering).

Our overriding aim is to enable clients to take maximum commercial advantage of available information technologies. Our processional team can design/develop your project from scratch, beginning with setting proper requirements to delivering the solution itself, in time and within budget, thereby meeting your IT challenges.